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Global Visionaries

​Empowering youth to be global leaders ​in creating a ju​​​st and sustainable​ future!


​Youth Board members at a workshop on issues of inclusion and diversity!​

hands-600497__180.jpgK12 Educators! Join our 3rd Annual Global Leadership Summer Institute 

Seattle Aug 15-19, 2016


 GV is Ascending – Auction Breaks Records!

Breanna, a 2005 GV alumna and our keynote speaker, shared how we should honor our own leadership potential, act on it, and make impact – as she has done by changing the lives of more than 5,000 students since 'graduating' from GV. And this night, you made an incredible impact, breaking attendance records and total amount raised, netting $145,000 for scholarships and programs in the coming year. 

Thank you to all the attendees, item donors, volunteers, table captains, board members and GV staff for an awesome 15th Annual Gala and Auction. The highlight of the evening was seeing first-hand how Global Visionaries affects lives, transforming young people in to leaders. We want to thank Breanna Jones, Emiliano Reyna, Simone Evans and Sawyer Guzek for their wonderful presentations, as well as Brad Goode from KOMO News as our auctioneer. 

Thank you all!​

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2016 Summer Youth Trip


Summer is in full swing and so, too, are some of our key immersion experiences in Guatemala.   More accurately, the "trip" to Guatemala is more than just an experience.  It is a culmination of the leadership development that, for many, began back in November.   The summer trips, like the spring trip before, are challenging our young leaders with new perspectives and life-changing experiences best described by the participants themselves – especially our 2nd + year youth leaders.  ​

Denisse, a Junior Leader, describes her experience, "This immersion has challenged me in ways I had no idea it would. I went through three different phases: confusion, frustration, and then lasting understanding and confidence in my continuous self-growth."   While Junior Leader Ray observed transformation of her team in the way she has seen, "…shy kids change into confident Spanish speakers and loud kids change into careful listeners."   Their experiences vary but make fascinating reading.   For  more from these and other participants, please visit our blog page. 


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2016 Summer Immersion group in Guatemala​